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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
Always like this with small players.

Daniel Brière was first traded along with 3 other players for Doug Bodger. Then he was traded again for Chris Gratton.

Ray Whitney has been traded for Kevyn Adams and a 4th round pick.

Cliff Ronning has been traded 4 times, always for marginal players.

Steve Sullivan was traded for 2 2nd round picks.

And we all know the story of Martin St-Louis.

As always, these players are more valuable to their team than on the trade market.

Knowing that, and since you agree he has low value on the trade market, why exactly do some Habs fan insist that he HAS TO be traded ASAP, even if it's for a weak return? Please explain why!!

In the thread that you link, Overlord said he would accept to trade DD for Jason Demers. A number 2 center VS a number 7 defenseman who's not good enough to make the team anymore. Really? How in the world does that make any sense??

EDIT : Actually, I just read the thread you linked again. Looks like 98% of the posters are Habs fans arguing about DD's value. So you didn't get any real reply to your question from fans of other teams.
right now DD couldnt carry those names jock straps for what they have been or in St. Loius`s case is now .

those were solid small players , better all round players, tougher SOB`S especailly Briere among the best in the playioffs in the last 7 years

lets face the facts it looks like we have fked up signing him too early , when really there was no need at all , as an RFA he had no leverage and no one would of given him a stupid offer with a compensation of a first round pick

this isnt Oreilly , one of he best 2 way young up and commers in the game at 22 , he was worth the shot for Calgary

this was a deal to simply appease the media and parts of the fanbase , no doubt in my mind

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