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03-29-2013, 07:32 AM
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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
I'd rather have an 8million player who plays like an 8 million dollar player.

But there is only two 8 million dollar players, and we never had a shot at them.

So, I have to realistically prefer the 800K player who plays like a 3.5M player. (...erratum -- with the skillset of a 3.5M player)
exactly , good example is Diaz , and I am not a fan of him by any means

but he can play in this league , he gave us good value on the cheap for a few years

but if some team can get him as a UFA for about 2.5 ( we dont need him with Markov , Pk and Beaileu up and coming ) but better pay fair money than give some UFA the typical 4-5 mil for having , " a heartbeat " and then regretting it a year later

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