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08-12-2006, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by toshiro View Post
"As a side note, I found him to be much better plugged in during the lockout than he is now" Even Bob is saying that he isnt plugged in anymore and Bob doesnt plug rumours on 30 teams. Get it? Bob is saying he isnt plugged in and the blog is entertaining for its Italian soccer comments.

he said "much better"...he didn't say that the guy is utterly useless now. learn how to read tajiri.

You're saying that knowing 30 different people from 30 different teams is impossible? lol. You obviously have no clue about how the media works, tajiri.

Originally Posted by toshiro View Post
No one member of the media can hear so much "chatter" on so many teams. To believe otherwise is embarrassing yourself. Eklund supporters are laughable. If he is well known then teams will plug leaks to him.
haha, wow. teams don't directly plug 'leaks' to members of the media unless they feel the team will benefit. eklund knows moles that have a good base on what is happening with a particular team. Like i said, if you don't like Eklund...stop reading his stuff. Is it so hard? I'd rather read the comments of a guy like Eklund who actually has REAL leads in the hockey world, as opposed to someone like you who probably knows bob gainey's cousins friend.

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