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08-12-2006, 02:59 PM
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Our strenght, weakness...

Just saw that on Flyers board and might think it could be interesting to see what Habs fan think about their Habs strenght and weakness...

-Our speed. We are one of the most speedy team in the league and we dont have any garbage who absolutely cant skate, now that Dagenais's gone...

-Our top 4 wingers : Kovalev, Samsonov, Ryder, Higgins. All of them can score 30 goals if play all-season long and all of them are likely to reach 60 points.

-Our goaltendam : ****, we may have goalie contreversy yet again. Huet will be in sort of a sophmore year but I think he will still be a #1 goalie and keep winning big games for us. Aebi may surprise some people during the camp and pre-season I think, likely to have a good season.

-Lack of true 1st pairing. Yes, Markov is a 1st pairing dman but Souray, Rivet and Komisarek arent. We need another 1st pairing dman to be considered as contender.

-Lack of size down centre. Yope, no-one saw this coming eh ? We need a better 2nd line centre. Ribeiro will probably have an ok season but we need a big, two way dman, who can score. Ribeiro isnt. Is more a playmaker than a scorer (and in a big way) and a scorer would be perfect between Samsonov, a playmaker, and Kovalev, an amazing puck mover.

-Lack of spots... we have too much rookies

PS : I dont think we are soft. Koivu, Higgins, Kovalev, Samsonov are not soft, they are not hard-hitter neither but still. Bégin, Murray, Downey can all drop the gloves if need have and we have a blueline with a lot of big though guys... see Rivet, Souray, Komo, Cote and Bouillon.

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