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03-29-2013, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by sjci View Post
Right now, the predicted final standings and draft order (barring lottery results) would be:

1) Florida
2) Colorado
3) Philadelphia
4) Buffalo
5) Calgary
6) Columbus

Meaning the Sabres would have a 10.7% shot at winning the lottery
It's looking harder and harder for us to catch the Avs or Panthers in the race for top lottery chances. We could definately get that 3 spot and then hope for the best.

For references, here's the chances for the top spot based on where you finish the season:

The likelihood of each team gaining the right to the first pick is as follows:

Team 1 25.0%

Team 2 18.8%

Team 3 14.2%

Team 4 10.7%

Team 5 8.1%

Team 6 6.2%

Team 7 4.7%

Team 8 3.6%

Team 9 2.7%

Team 10 2.1%

Team 11 1.5%

Team 12 1.1%

Team 13 0.8%

Team 14 0.5%

Edit: I use the term "race" lightly. I know nobody is "tanking" on purpose. And like others I do not route for us to lose on purpose. However when we DO lose at this point in the season and I look at the standings, I start with us and look down, not up.

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