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03-29-2013, 09:02 AM
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I see that Sting is in here pimping his trusty "you don't know anything because I know everything" line. Ugh.

Nobody is advocating moving Callahan. That said, we are far enough into the season where excuses need to stop and solutions need to be found. Case in point--the Callahan of 2011-2012 and (especially) 2010-2011 was going balls to the wall on every shift of every game. We haven't seen that this year. I can only think of two or three games this season where Cally had a WHOLE game of that kind of energy. He'll give it on certain shifts, and he'll always bring it at the end of a game (usually when the game is all but lost), but he really hasn't done it for more than a couple of "full" games. That's why I wondered about the lack of a camp being an issue.

Also, are people seriously blaming his linemates? Ryan ****ing Callahan put up 50+ point production playing with Artie, Dubi, Boyle etc in the past. Suddenly, he can't be more productive playing with Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik?

He's getting ELITE first line minutes, both ES and on the PP. He's playing with elite talent. He's the captain and is responsible for creating a hard-working attitude on this team (something he did beautifully last year and even before he had the C). He has 15 points and the team (himself included at times) has been no-showing for significant portions of games. I love the kid just as much as anyone else on here (aside from Sting, who is either Callahan himself or his momma), but there's a problem with him this season.

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