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03-29-2013, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Selanne00008 View Post
It's looking harder and harder for us to catch the Avs or Panthers in the race for top lottery chances. We could definately get that 3 spot and then hope for the best.

For references, here's the chances for the top spot based on where you finish the season:

The likelihood of each team gaining the right to the first pick is as follows:

Team 1 25.0%

Team 2 18.8%

Team 3 14.2%

Team 4 10.7%

Team 5 8.1%

Team 6 6.2%

Team 7 4.7%

Team 8 3.6%

Team 9 2.7%

Team 10 2.1%

Team 11 1.5%

Team 12 1.1%

Team 13 0.8%

Team 14 0.5%

Edit: I use the term "race" lightly. I know nobody is "tanking" on purpose. And like others I do not route for us to lose on purpose. However when we DO lose at this point in the season and I look at the standings, I start with us and look down, not up.
Yeah, that's not going to happen. But looking back to 1995, the worst team has won the lottery only 6 out of 15 times (not counting the lockout lottery). And that is when the worst team had a 50/50 shot. Now they have a 25 percent shot - or, put differently, a 75% chance that they won't win. If I were putting money on it, I'd bet on the field, not the worst overall team, taking the lottery.

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