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03-29-2013, 10:16 AM
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The defense early in the year was capiable. Were they playing over there head???? Perhaps The constant has been the offense not being able to answer the bell in games with playoff bound teams. Sure the offenses has put up good numbers latley against the weaker teams in the confrence. There is a reason for the defensive meltdown that we just do not know and it is more complicated than Blum, Ellis, Hannan, Gill though popular to use them as excuses. Each defensive pair has had a marked lapse in there play since about game 14 this year. This has exposed the goalies who have allowed some some ones but theres not aa goalie in the league that dosn't allow a few. This team and fanbase has become accustomed to the goalie stealing games be it Vokoun or Rinne.

Minor adjustments that have been suggested is not going to turn this team arround. Beck, Muller, Smith, Watson, Butler are not the answers at this point there only part of the overall inepness of the problem. Many are affraid to even consider a rebuild, and there are those who think anything short of a big rebuild is failure for two or three more years. Im in the middle there is going to have to be a good bit of change to become competitive and its not all about players. Its about confidence too, at this point there is not much confidence there. Mark Howard interviews produse the same mantra with each player about what they have to do to win a game. So Trotz is putting a message out there. Is it the right message or is it the talent can no longer exicute his game plan or have the players lost confidence in the system. Trotz is known as a players coach which means they would bleed for him and we have not seen much blood recently. So the leaves poor exicution or talent on the short end to exicute the system or both. we don't know the true reason but the results have been painful to endure this season.

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