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03-29-2013, 09:20 AM
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I can't see why you would put Giguere #1. Somewhere up high for sure, but he never won the Cup which we have to take into account. Secondly, he was dynamite for three rounds but ordinary in the Cup final. Combine all of that and I still think he deserved the Smythe (I am not one of those bitter people who think Brodeur got "robbed" of it) because no one was better that spring but I would put a couple of goalies ahead of him for sure, at least.

Roy in 1986 and 1993 for starters. Neither team had a game breaker or an elite forward. Mats Naslund in 1986? If you want to say so, but would you consider him "great"? Montreal had been listless for so long by 1986 and no one imagined them winning it anytime soon, but Roy changed all of that. 1993 has the overtime record and taking a good but not great team to the promised land. Giguere depreciated in value in the Cup final, Roy did not in either one.

Thomas is a decent comparable to Giguere in 2003. Thomas hit his climax in the Cup final against Vancouver. Never had a bad game in the final, not one. Also didn't have a forward to break the game open. Boston had a balanced attack, which was nice, but no game breaker.

Dryden is another name you have to bring up from 1971. No one imagined even a team of HHOFers like Montreal to touch Boston. And don't let the GAA fool you, Dryden robbed the Bruins that spring.

I also don't think you can put Giguere above Parent in either one of 1974 or 1975. He didn't have anything near a HHOF defenseman in front of him. Definitely the most important Flyer.

Lastly, Billy Smith in 1983. How do you keep the Oilers to that few goals?

Terry Sawchuk in 1952. Wow. The numbers are ungodly. Also did this against Montreal.

So somewhere in that mix you find Giguere, but not #1.

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