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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Sure, but doesn't change the fact that 3 of the habs top5 d-men and 5 players of the top 9 were acquired under Gauthier and Gainey. The team is mostly composed of players they brought it in, whether or not you agreed with what they did during tenure does nothing to change that fact.

But the thing is that with those same players under Gauthier's leadership finished 28th.

Gauthier's tenure is not just a mishandling of players, draft picks, coaching staff & prospects.

Every GM - even Milbury - when they leave a team leave it with some assets. No one - not even Milbury - is so incompetent that they empty out the team.

So basically with the same team that played for Gauthier, Bergevin added a Prust, Armstrong & Bouillon. Of those three not one is really an impact player although an argument can be made for Prust. He also added Gallagher & Gally. You really think those five players are the difference between the Habs at 28th overall and the Habs at 3rd overall?

No, this becomes Bergevin's team because chances are under Gauthier this team would have improved a little - maybe even made the playoffs but would not have had the turn around that Bergevin brought in. Bergevin changed the culture & the attitude. Take a look at the way this team plays, I've not been this excited to watch a Habs game in decades.

Bergevin has a plan, a vision, a goal. Gauthier had nothing except 20 years working in the NHL and never accomplishing anything. He made one move after another with no reason or rhyme. With Bergevin's every move you see there is a logic at work.

I've said it a number of times and I'll say it again, with Timmins as your head scout a mediocre GM could have built a very respectable team. Only incompetent GMs like Gainey & Gauthier could have bumbled their way through the 10 years they were here. And nothing in their record convinces me they would have changed. Apparently, Molson was of the same mind. Cause he booted them out the door. Timmins was here with Gainey & Gauthier why wasn't he as effective in 10 years under them as he has been in 3/4s of a year under Bergevin. Because Beregvin knows how to place his staff in positions where they will win.

So Eller, Bourque, Markov etc may have been Gauthier's guys but he didn't know how to use them properly. Bergevin took over and changed the players and/or the culture surrounding these players and placed them in positions where they would shine. For that reason, this is Bergevin's team and in no effing way does it belong to Gainey or Gauthier.

And this is coming from someone who was not sold on Bergevin or Therrien when they were hired. They have completely convinced me they are the best things that happened to the Habs in decades.

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