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03-29-2013, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by sg12lw View Post
well i root for my team to win, bc i am a fan and thats what fans do

i still believe we will make the playoffs, so thats what i am rooting for

i dont care if its the last game of the season and we've already been eliminated from the playoffs and a loss gives us solo last place, im rooting for the flyers to win. period

anyone who "roots" for us to lose can go you-know-what themselves as far as im concerned....the players that play on the team will tell you the same thing. as herm said, "hello, you play. to win. the game"

whats the point in hoping your team loses? (dont try and convince me either bc it will never make sense in my head how i could call myself a "fan" while hoping my team loses...this is just a rant bc i am so sick of hearing people say they hope we tank..**** the first overall pick. sneak in the playoffs and go on a run)
Maybe we are in the minority but I am not a fan of the Penguins, Blackhawks, or Capitals, and never root for my team to tank. We really don't even have to root for them tank this year, they are really just that bad. I still root for the Flyers every game, even last night the bar went wild on the tying goal and Giroux's shootout goal. If we end up being one of the worst teams and get a guy like Jones, fantastic. If we made it as an 8 seed on a miracle (requiring us to virtually win every game left), and even on an even bigger one pulled off the upset it would be a thing of beauty watching half of that team go on to be UFA, the cap going down, and most of those guys wanting more money in their contracts. It's not going to happen but I'll continue to root for the Flyers to make an unfathomable historic run. All of that being said that doesn't mean I won't root for Colorado, Florida, Tampa, and Calgary to win games and give us a better pick positioning.

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