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03-29-2013, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by PaulieVegas View Post
Yikes, Gerbe and Stafford have been healthy scratches for a bad Buffalo team this year. That's a very bad sign.

The real test will be whether Ryan Miller accepts an invite. Assumine he's still on the Sabres.

Wouldn't hold out hope for EJ. Seems like over the last couple years he's found any excuse not to play in the Worlds. He's not as bad as Umburger, but it's been bad.
the whole Sabres team is bad and the usually make statements by sitting players who have underperformed...Stafford has missed what 1 or 2 games because of being scratched, hardly earth shattering...same with Gerbe. Stafford just put up a goal and assist last game, message received. your acting like there is better realistic options out there over Gerbe and Stafford...sadly there isnt. if we can get those guys to go along with some younger skilled guys like Ty Johnson, Shore, Mueller, Atkinson, etc I think this team will be exciting to watch.

I would take Stafford and Gerbe 100 out of 100 times for this team as I dont want to see the Mike Browns of the world dominate our team.

we are not getting Miller, zero chance. EJ is the most likely top dman we will get outside of JJ as he has a ton to prove and seems to be one of those guys on the outside looking in for the Olympics, he has no excuse this year not to come.

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