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03-29-2013, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
any chance eichel makes it next year? he's got a late b-day, i think - so it won't be his draft year...but he'll be a second year ntdp player...and jones was in the same boat a couple of years ago and the only reason he didn't make it was b/c of injury, no?

i'm guessing at this point it's not clear whether trouba will be back - i don't know enough about the jets to know if he'd make the team next year even if he did go pro.

this is o/t...but does anyone know if mccabe is going back to wisconsin next year (i know he's too old for WJC...but thought i'd ask in this thread in case anyone else knew).
I think Eichel is almost a lock to make this squad next year. Jones was in the same situation and injury was the reason he was left off. Eichel is just so dynamic to leave off no matter his age. he looks to be one of the most dynamic forwards the US has developed in years, no reason to leave him home as long as he continues to show he can play at the highest level of skill.

as for Trouba, the more and more I think about it, the more and more I feel he turns pro. I just see Winnipeg pushing bigtime to get him to turn pro after this year. the kid has almost destroyed college hockey as a freshman, has the body and grit to be an NHLer right now so there is no strength or size concerns that he would need to stick for another year or two. I think Trouba 100% wants to stick for another year, but can he deal with the pressure of his NHL team wanting him to turn pro as the Jets would be crazy not to want this kid on their roster for next year.

I hope he stays at Michigan one more year, but my hope is biased as I would rather see him represent the US next year over wearing a NHL sweater.

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