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03-29-2013, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Xokkeu View Post
Probably going to go with whoever is having the better season at the time. I don't think Miller or Quick are guaranteed a spot on the team. I mean if we fast forward to February 2014 and Quick still has a .895 sv% and Corey Schneider has a .923, I think it's not inconceivable that Schneider makes the team, or at least gets up the depth chart on Quick. Miller had a slightly abnormally good season in 2010. Yes he is a good goalie, but his career sv% is .915. In 2010 it was .929. In the three years prior and three years since 2009-2010 these were his numbers



I know sv% isn't the be all and end all of a goalie's ability but Miller's numbers are fairly consistent.

Throw in a potentially healthy and motivated Craig Anderson? No, in my opinion the #1 and 2 spots aren't locked up.
personally, I think its Miller's job to lose. simple as that.

no matter the stats, Miller is the guy that stood on his head in international competition. he withstood the pressure something we arent sure how the others can do. granted Quick would seem the most likely to do it as he just won the Cup and handled that pressure just fine, but as I said I think its Miller's ball until he proves he cant handle it.

I also like you including Anderson on the list as very few people are throwing his name out there...and I cant imagine why they arent listing him more...he isnt a fluke, he has been doing this for a few years now and is healthy. he isnt over the hill as he is 31 years old...Tim Thomas just started coming into his own around this age.

I get the love for Schneider, I really do, but Anderson seems the more logical choice right now as he has more experience is playing even better and has been for 2 years, and Cory has plenty of years left to be one of our star need to rush him in there just yet.

the way it is right now, I think our 3 goalies are : Miller, Quick, and Anderson...and I really think that would be the best overall 3 in the tournament. and if something happens injury wise to any of those 3, we have Schneider and Howard right behind them as well...also the mysterious Tim Thomas may pop back next year or even for this years WC. the US is goalie rich again and I love it! sad Ben Bishop has to play behind Anderson as he should be another stud NHL starting goaltender.

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