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03-29-2013, 10:20 AM
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I tend to tune out Steigerwald. I really couldn't care less if he sucks at play by play, I have eyes. I can see what's going on for myself.

I love Errey. The man has absolutely no filter between his brain and his mouth and I find it hilarious. As others have said, he's far less homer-ish than he gets accused of being as well. He's never hesitated to say that the Pens got a bad call in their favor or that he thinks a Pens goal will likely be waived off, and more often than not he's right.

I've noticed that even Steigerwald is a little less uberhomer than he used to be too. I can't remember who he was being critical of last night but he did say something to the effect of a player not playing especially well and a few broadcasts ago he was critiquing Beau Bennett as well. Nothing too excessive but way outside of his usual blinders to any mistakes the Pens might make.

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