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03-29-2013, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by thomast View Post
For a season? I used wrong words but still the main point is that if Barkov misses 1month of the season it won't hurt his stock.
He did plat some games, though he was obv. rusty from break it showed that his knee isn't totally ****ed. Well, with medicine science now it's pretty rare imo.

And he had awesome results on the bike .

But yes.. unless it's torn labrum or rotator cuff, I don't see it affecting his draft position at all. And even then not by much imo.

Missing those few games means basically nothing.

Scouts and NHL teams don't care what you can do in FEL finals or U-18s.

They care about your abilities and potential and they haven't gone anywhere.

Originally Posted by Oan View Post
Man, some people at hfboards equivalent) for other Finns here, start reading from that post on for laughs or

Basically they are now certain that this injury ruined his top 5 chances, and now he is borderline top 15, and some are even thinking he is going to have tough time being even the 1st round...what the **** are they smoking? Wish I had account there, so I could give some input, but that place seems to be very inbred, I have tried to apply there twice but no success...

Some think Risto will go before Barkov?

Well I might be deadly wrong but I believe when I see it and not a second later.

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