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Originally Posted by deftones1986 View Post
I have a dream:

2013 offseason:


Giroux, Hartnell, B. Schenn, Simmonds, Voraceck.

L. Schenn, Grossman, Timonen, Coburn (because of his NTC if he doesn't waive it)

Buyout Bryz and Briere.

Let Free Agents go.

Trade everybody else for draft picks and a goalie. (Including Coburn if he waives)

Sign UFA LW Damien Brunner from Detroit.

Bring up as many players as we can that are in the farm that we think are ready.

Draft Seth Jones #1.

Play hockey for a year.

2014 offseason

Resign Timonen for cheap, if not...cya later old dog.

Sign the Sedins from UFA status.

Now we really are the city of brotherly love.

Play a year and WIN THE CUP.

The End.
Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
I actually "loled" at signing the Sedins. Well played.
I don't see how any of this can't be done, actually in my opinion, it all depends on what you sign Giroux for and the only long shot would be getting the Sedins to say no to Vancouver.

Hopefully in the next 2 years the Canucks will really be falling apart and they will want to jump ship as free agents.

With the guys I chose to keep we would be able to afford them because by that time Timonens cap hit will be gone, and through trading away all of the players who's contracts are up, replacing them with AHL prospects will keep the teams costs low.

It's really not that far fetched because the twins gotta sign somewhere don't they, we just have to pray for a horrible Canucks collapse by then.

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