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Originally Posted by Hasa92 View Post
What international rivalries there are in hockey? i know USA vs Canada, Finland vs Sweden, the Chezh vs the Slovaks and Russia/ Soviets vs pretty much everyone..?

But what other Rivalries are there in international tournaments, especially Outside of the "big 7"?

Denmark and Norway probably want to beat the Swedes the most and each other after that and maybe Finland as well.

Who do the Swiss consider their rival, the Germans? And what about the Austrians, Slovenians, Italians? Who hates the Latvians and is there a decent hockey nation
that doesn't hate the Russians?
Why would that be?

There are only two real rivalries for Russia. It's with Canada for obvious reasons and with the Czechs. The Czechoslovakians basically taught other Europeans and the Soviets hockey. When the hockey program was started in the USSR they used to learn from the Czechoslovakians in thiose days.

After that it was the battle of two systems. The soviet speed and offence against tight and suffocating czech defensive system.

It's cooled off a bit now because of a somewhat decline in Czech hockey in recent years which is a sad thing. We need more Jagrs!

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