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03-29-2013, 11:37 AM
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Yes, I miss Tim Thomas big time!
Not only was TT a super goalie for the Bruins and MVP hero of the 2011 Stanley Cup, but I miss his character. Thomas had a certain swagger to his character that seemed to exude confidence to the other players on the team. I just felt more confident when he was in net, giving us the best chance to win.
In all my years as a Bruins fan, Timmy was the best Bruins goalie I have ever seen...he was a special player!
Goalies as great as Thomas are hard to find...and I am still ticked off the way he was railroaded out of Boston after the famous Whitehouse incident. I’ll bet some of the people responsible for Timmy’s departure are now regretting their actions.

As for Tuukka, he is still young and has great potential, but to be honest, I am not sold on his capability to take the B's to the SC finals, but I am still optimistic, and wish him all the best.

P.S. I wish all these pro-Rask,anti-Thomas fans would stop calling people “Rask haters” just because a fan offers Tuukka some constructive criticism.

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