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03-29-2013, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by 86Habs View Post
Well, your mistake is seeing him as a strictly defensive forward. He's not a Zamuner, Draper, or Doan. Bergeron is the #1 center and near-PPG leading scorer on one of the best teams in the NHL. He can hang with the big boys offensively and obviously contribute a great deal defensively as well. He's the king of well-rounded, two-way player that Hockey Canada loves. He'll certainly be on the team before someone like Benn, Skinner, Duchene, or Neal, and I'd go so far as to call him a lock at this point.
Prove it. And I see him as a strictly defensive forward because he won't score much. He may be PPG but lots of Canadian forwards are around that. I don't see how his defensive skills will translate that well to big ice, it works on a smaller rink far better than it does on a large one.

Bergeron has shown he's pretty awful on the wing so the only way I see him making it is if Getzlaf doesn't. Crosby, Tavares and Toews are pretty much locks to be the top three centers down the middle (I don't know why anyone is putting Stamkos at center, it's not happening). That le`aves a final spot for a guy who can't or shouldn't play wing, and as of now Getzlaf should get it.

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