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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
I can't pass this one up.

Listen, I'm in agreement with the posters who say its not all on Torts and he can't go out and play for the guys or control how Richards ages, etc. but this needs to be said:

The guy is a joke for this if for no other reason. The season - maybe his job as well - is on the line. The problem is CLEARLY scoring. Players are underperforming and disappointing. I appreciate the whole 'accountability' shtick, but that's all it is; shtick. Punishing the underperforming players by playing them with progressively worse and worse line mates, to the point where one of the leading active goal scorers in the world is taking shifts with a career AHL grinder, is NEVER going to get the guy going or generate any offense. If he's not causing Gaborik (and others) problems, he's certainly not helping them. And it's literally MIND BLOWING as to why he thinks this can POSSIBLY bear any fruit or help his team win.
Very well stated; agree 100%. Time to play the hand they're dealt(line changes withstanding) and wherever the cards fall, so be it!
I can't get crazy anymore about it anymore.

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