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03-29-2013, 02:05 PM
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How many of us just knew that Otltawa would score as they were coming down after that stupid Bishop save on McDonagh?

That's the way it's going this year. It was like 'yep', makes sense. I've felt like that's happened about a dozen times this season so far.

imo they didn't play that badly. In the first they had the puck for a good portion of time, forced some turnovers but didn't get enough on Bishop. In the second it was a little touch and go but they didn't give anything up. They had a better third but you've got to give credit to a stingy defense in Ottawa and Bishop once again turns into Dom Hasek. It's just the way it is this year.

Sooner or later though you see enough of these games to drive you completely nuts. It's not fun being a Rangers fan especially after getting our hopes up after the Flyer game, how dare we.

The Rangers refusal to go to the front of the net is mind boggling to me. The amount of peripheral skating is reminiscent of adolescent children in the swimming pool for the first time, scared to leave the walls.

Marian Gaborik should be traded immediately for a consistent 20 goal scoring LWer. I'd be thrilled with just that, anything else is a complete bonus, because I've never seen a player look so out of place and unengaged. He's like one of those alien puzzle pieces that somehow found its way into the wrong box. He makes no sense in this system and on this roster and is doing nothing to try prove otherwise.

God help us. Habs, Jets, Pens, Pens. Fun times are a comin.

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