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03-29-2013, 02:24 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
But a projected 20-25 at 5m with no physicality or puck skills and deteriorating footspeed is not good enough. It's similar to why we dumped Cole, who despite his point totals, was screening goalies and drawing calls and playing physical like advertised, because his play was not good enough.

And it's amateaurish to think that the Habs should have more class than to trade a player. Iginla just got traded at midnight, Koivu wasn't even tendered an offer, you think a player with minimal ties to Montreal has to be given the velvet treatment because Jacques Martin called him a captain? Why?

I'm not saying we should buy him out, we shouldn't even buy out Kaberle for it's a waste of resources, but we should definitely look to getting "bigger" as an organization and moving on from one of the smallest wingers in the league is a a good step I think.

No one can come into this discussion and say that Gionta's looked good this year. He hasn't, and his play on the PP has been atrocious. There are many factors involved but Gio is to blame for at least part of it. Him and Kaberle add up to 15% of the cap! Nearly all of it is dead-weight given the opportunity cost of playing Gionta, having to make sure our lines work (for we have a boatload of midgets! hurrah!), not signing FAs, not giving the youngsters his playing time and letting them grow faster, etc. He's just a detriment in a lot of ways and after this season I would really think that his time as a Hab is up.
Don't disagree with you, just saying Gionta will probably play his deal out and that his replacement Gallagher being further ahead of development makes the size thing more of an issue. He's overpaid by 1M due to UFA which most people pegged when he was signed. And yeah, he blows on the PP. It is what it is but you can see the team has some intersting young guys to come in when he goes or the cash to get exactly the type of player you want/they need.

If the team wasn't playing so well this year, he'd be a prime candidate for trade, but you have to give him some credit for success as he's the captain of the team, he's doing some things well and the areas that he struggles in are probably places he shouldn't be in the first place (PP).

Ideally he's the third line RW on a big, deep team who puts 20-25 and plays steady both ways. Don't really see any point in complaining about him though, that's all. We all know that he's not the ideal candidate for the makeup of the team, but it doesn't change over night.

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