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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I was hoping more along the lines that you would explain the reasoning behind Makarov and Messier's career from 1989-'95 while they were in the same league. You get the feeling if Makarov aged as well as you said he did (it isn't as if he aged poorly, just not as good as Messier) he wouldn't have been blown out of the water by Messier in that time frame when they were in the same league.
So my question at this point is why isn't he rated higher by the Soviets themselves? Kharlamov seems to be consistantly placed above him, yet the stats don't seem to bear this out at all. In fact, the more you look, the more one sided it is in Makarov's favor. Often Makarov isn't even top 3. Yet he clearly dominated his peers far more than any other Soviet forward.

Yes, I've read about the Soviet (and European in general, really) appreciation for the "artistry" or the player and rating that often more than the actual results. But you'd think at some point, people would look at the actual stats and start to question this.

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