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Originally Posted by CourtnallRocks View Post
While i don't doubt his skills, as only a handful of goalies have ever been picked in the top5 in nhl history, i am worried about his attitude. The reason why he did not make the WJC squad last year, was because of character issues. I do remember quite clearly that he did not go the optional practice held by coach Sutter, even if the goaltending position was wide open at the time. But you know who else did? That's right Justin Pogge, and Devan Dubnyk. I do realize that it would have been a tough for him to win the job as both goalies were older and more experienced than he was, but still, you just don't miss practices like that. I just hope it was a maturity issue, and nothing else.
Oh COME on. Do you know what that practice was? It was two goalies messing around with the coaches for a couple hours. There was no 'practice,' they just goofed around and the coaches took some penalty shots. One of the assistants even fell down and sprained his ankle. If I was Price I wouldn't have gone there either, it was a joke and he would have been better suited to rest. The guy has a great attitude.

I love Price. He's got all the tools to be a franchise goalie. Size, speed, a strong mental game, and a commitment to the game like few others. He's a lot like Cam Ward, in that he's unflappably calm and always steps it up when the game is on the line. He also faces a LOT of rubber (He faced over 1700 shots in 04-05, and 1500 last season), which is never good for stats but is good for development. You don't draft based on how good a player is right now, as they say.

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