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03-29-2013, 01:44 PM
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Well, I have some definite opinions on this. I have been getting mine cut at 7/16 since I started skating(about a year)... so it is the only thing I have ever known. That was pretty much the default hockey cut at my local house. It has always taken me 2 hours or so to get them broken in to a point where they feel good. Usually, I can barely even turn or stop from my left side on fresh cuts.

Since we have time off from my league for spring break(3 weeks feels like an eternity) I decided to try some suggestions on here and get my skates cut at 5/8. A huge change, no doubt. WOW. What a difference. I stepped on the ice and immediately was full go, no break in needed at all. They also just plain felt better to me. They felt faster and my transitions are about 1000% easier. I always seemed to get part of an edge caught in the ice when trying to make quick transitions and so I have always made pretty hesitant transitions. This cut is so much more free, it feels like new skates. There are times when I miss that added bite a deeper hollow gives, but overall it just feels so much better. I should point out that I am a big guy(235lb, 6'4) with size 14 skates. Sinking deeper into the ice was clearly not an advantage for me. Even if I have to sharpen up sooner, this is well worth it.

my $.02

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