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03-29-2013, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaydepps View Post
This mentality is exactly why we don't develop NHL defensemen. You act like all those defensemen are never gonna make it even though they are all in their low 20s. If a defensemen isn't playing great by the time he is 22 we seem to give up on him. Give some of those guys some time, and they may come around. One off year for Manning isn't the end of the world.
Oh, I'm well aware Manning and Gus are still legitimate NHL prospects.

But we do have some bad luck honestly. Part of that has to do with injuries and the other half of it is how wishy-washy the Flyers are with defensive development.

Remember how much Bourdon was struggling in the AHL? Then he got a call-up and performed well. What's to say Manning wouldn't do the same if he were called up now?

It's a lot of throwing things at the wall and very little consistency. Couple that with some poorly timed injuries to guys like Bourdon, and you see where things get even more convoluted.

The only reason I want someone like Jones is so that the organization will be forced to commit to him moving in one direction, regardless of what that direction is. Right now, there is no committed direction of development for guys like Bourdon, Gustafsson, Manning, and Lauridsen. That's not entirely the organization's fault since those guys really haven't helped themselves much either, but I'm hoping the organization steadies itself with Gostisbehere.

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