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This is what I posted in the Calgary Flames section. I would like to get a take from fellow Oilers fans. Do you see this as being obviously correct or no? To be clear my motivation is not to pile it on with Calgary. I am simply astonished that the flames are so badly run and would like to see them return to excellence so we could get this rivalry back on line. Us too...

Originally Posted by kshinkman
One angle on this trade has not been discussed, namely the the Flames were an unfortunate victim of bad timing. With the cap going down next year, his value was minimized. The odds of him being a short term rental rather than a long term acquisition went way up. He'll probably look for $5 for 4 yrs. This corresponding decreased his trade value.


Unfortunate victim? Lol!!!!!!

Look - some people here need to get some things straight - this is utter incompetence by this organization on many levels. A few main points illustrate the problems that are significant of great incomtence

1. This organization has been doing the same thing for years and failing at it. Even when EVERYONE aside from flames fans have been commenting in amazement that the Flames have been waiting WAY too long to begin a rebuild - for 5 years this has been the case;
2. When they do decide to trade their captain, they wait to do so in the last year of his contract;
3. Everyone saw that CBA stoppage might come and take away a year of hockey and STILL the flames made no moves - you could have lost iginla for nothing;
4. Everyone knew for some time that the cap would go down after the new CBA - and the flames decide to trade iginla the year before the cap goes way down and after teams have already adjusted for it and therefore cannot afford him?
5. When a player waives a no trade he has to sign a waiver which gets filed with the league - it in this case would hae listed the teams he can be traded to - after that the player has No control over the deal - so one of two things happened - the flames didn't get the waiver up front or 2 they gave iginla the choice of cancelling the deal with Boston even though he had already provided Boston as an option - either way it is a total failure to get maximum value out of this trade! Either Calgary is too soft to do what is necessary or iginla went back in his original word that he would accept a trade to Boston. AND it sounds like the flames did not get the bloody waiver!
6. They didn't wait until deadline day to make a trade;
7. They told Boston there was a deal and waited a long time to tell them it was off - both big screw ups

C'mon Flames fans - wake up (those of you who have not woken up already)

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