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Originally Posted by onemorecup View Post
cmon buddy if you think there was not an ounce of pressure to him sign as a local player your ***** dreaming in this hockey market of Montreal

this isnt some Marc Andre Bergeron or if we dont keep Gabriel Dumont crap player

its funny how a week after he signs Brisson as his agent he gets a 4 year deal

I have die hard hab fan friends in Montreal who listen religiously to the talk shows in both languages who say the DD was a hot topic all the time , and would they resign or not with heated debates

is it the only reason NO , but dont tell me it didnt factor in the equation
No doubt about it IMO, and while we don't see it too much, there is some pressure to get hometown players to come back for there teams, just not the level it is in Mtl. Toronto has had some pressure to have more guys from Ontario, and I remember even Burke had to respond once by showing that in the past few years, the Leafs have drafted the most guys from Ontario. The Wild put a little pressure to get some guys from that state as-well, and hence the big push to get Parise.

For me I have no problem with DD, and his size shouldn't be an issue, because going forward, I think the only undersized forwards on the team are going to be him and Gallagher, with Gionta on the way out (nothing wrong with his play).

Our size issue is on D, and that too should be fixed with Tinordi, and Beaulieu almost ready.

The only issue, well its more of a question, is how does DD and Eller fit long term, Gally will be a centre in a year or 2 max, and at that point you have to decide what are you going to do with the other 3 guys, because 1 has to be moved, both DD and Eller are better centre then they are wings, Plek has been so valuable. We still have time to make a decision, but its coming sooner than later IMO.

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