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03-29-2013, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by ABasin View Post
I was only kidding - giving you some friendly crap.

But in all seriousness, if Erik Johnson needs Matt frickin Hunwick in order to play well, the Avs have a very serious problem on their hands. I probably don't have to point out that it should be the other way around. Yeesh.

I'd much rather believe that EJ's play last night (and in the 3rd period the night before) had everything to do with EJ, rather than a scrub partner on a sugar high or something.
It would definitely be a nightmare if they decided to plan on a Hunwick - EJ pairing maintaining this kind of play, and relying on it in the future.

But, it shows how even a guy like Hunwick playing way above his regular level of play, takes the burden off EJ to do everything offensively and transition wise, and he can just comfortably play his game and let the plays come to him. Rather than trying to force everything which is where he hits a wall, and the plays don't generate, and it snowballs into losing confidence and just playing simple and solid.

I don't think EJ's a lock to be a more dominant D with an offensive partner, but I do think there's a good chance it will get him close to his expected level of play IMO.

Originally Posted by Avs71 View Post
I believe Foppa's point was that EJ's style blend well with a quick skating "puck mover." Not Hunwick in particular, but someone who is similar, yet much much smarter. That would make a really nice pairing.

And yes, Johnson looks better because of himself. Seeing as Hunwick-Johnson has been a frequent pairing this season, and now all of a sudden Johnson looks good leads me to believe Hunwick is not the catalyst.
I think Hunwick was playing at his best last night, that was a major difference. It's also why EJ got more and more comfortable as the game went on, and got better and better. He played better because of himself too, but it was because he knew it was working and just went with it, rather than trying to think the game too much. He needs a guy that can maintain that kind of play though on his left, so he can maintain that level of confidence, and grow his game as well.

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