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Originally Posted by Clumsyhab View Post
I like. Team is playing good this year, good timing to try them out with not a lot of pressure. I love the new management.
Came to say basically the same thing. Instead of bringing them up under more "dire" circumstances, and maybe asking/expecting too much of them on a slumping team, they get to test themselves as part of perhaps a more comfortable, positive, winning/successful environment. You're allowed a certain number of games to take a look at kids without affecting their contract/status (just their paycheck, hehe), and we've got a lot of kids nearing the cusp of graduation, so it's good to see Bergevin and the lads identifying the good timing to be proactive with their development.

Originally Posted by Nbhabfan View Post
Awesome move, love the plan, expose them to the bigs, & don't forget, it also gives these young men a few extra dollars in their jeans. They'll clear in a week & a half what they get in a season in Hamilton. I know that Robert Mayer was called up for one game as the back up goalie & made an extra $5K. He's not at the same level as these guys but that extra dough was appreciated by him. This is again a CLASS organization, love it!
Exactly. If Bergevin is cleared to use the whole cap, there's no better time to make the easy decision to use some of it to reward/give incentive to the young guys you're hoping will work their hardest to make it to the next level. With the team enjoying success right now, it's a good time to introduce them to Therrien's expectations, too. That it benefits scouting and evaluation is simply a bonus, that makes getting someone to sign the appropriate paperwork a mere formality; rather than an actual decision.

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