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Originally Posted by 29dryden29 View Post
Yep it is the game we play and the game you play unfortunatly our smurfs help draw penalties nothing more nothing less. I will say this god awfull stupid delay of game puck over the glass penalty REALLY needs to be removed it does more to slow the game down than anything.
The rule doesn't have to be removed only make it a discretionary call. Was there intent to purposefully shoot the puck out? We give referees discretion to make all other calls. If this was not the case, hockey would be reduced to 3 on 3 play, since a penalty, like a foul in basketball, could be called on every play. I'm hard pressed to think of an other penalty that is automatic. The delay of game penalty as it currently stands is plain silly and it should never be a call that decides a game except where there is a clear intention to relieve pressure by shooting the puck out of play.

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