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Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
Then stop *****ing about the dump and chase. If they could carry it into the zone or make amazing passing plays, they would. Torts is not telling them not to be creative or not to let the offense flow. At BEST, what he is saying is that if you don't have a play, don't force it and dump it in. That is simply SMART hockey. Want a prime example of why, with the personnel we have, getting the puck down low and being able to set up in the offensive zone is important and better than playing a "run and gun" system or "opening up" the offense? JT Miller's turnover last night -- he tried to pull a dumb move, failed, got caught along with the rest of his line down low because they hadn't set up, gave up an odd man rush, and lo-and-behold Ottawa gets a goal. This particular example happened deeper in the zone and wasn't a zone entry play, but the result was precisely what happens if during zone entry you don't have a play, don't get the puck deep, and instead try to force it.
I think you have encapsulated why the players do not play a puck possession game.

Miller tries to, he may make a bad play here and there, what does Torts do? Drops him to the wing.

So in the player's mind, what does that make them think about when they are trying to break into the zone with puck possession? I'd assume they think something along the lines of " Hey, if I screw this up, I am either getting benched or dropped down the depth chart, so I better just dump this puck in"

So while Torts is not literally telling them not to carry the puck in, he is through other means, telling them not to carry the puck in.

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