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Originally Posted by greenstickytoes View Post
yea i understand, you have a good point but trading a small center like DD to get good winger(s) for our future centers that are young like Eller and Chucky would be
a lot more simple then keeping DD and breaking your head to try and find where
to put him and try to find who to pair him with. the thing is DD is small so your limited
with who to put him with. and plus his age which is 3 years older then Eller and
7 older then Chucky. Puts even more chances against him..
especially with Gally on the team we have to much undersized players on the top
6forwards in montreal.. we can't allow ourselves to have him especially because
other younger players are pushing with size a good overall game.
its sucks but thats how it is, if DD was on any other team he'd be a great fit
because no other team has as much undersized players on their top 6.
Well Gionta has been great, I wouldn't be surprised if he is moved this summer, and I think all would agree, that if not traded, after next year, his contract won't be renewed, so the only understand players you have are Gallagher and DD, not an issue at all.

Also I don't think DD is a headcase in regards to finding players to play with him, he did well in his 1st year, had like 22 points in 40 games playing on a 4th line with a mix of Darche, Pouliot and White.

IMO the Habs are going to keep him, Eller and Plek until they feel that Galchenyuk is ready to be a top 2 centre. And many thought that it would be DD that would be gone when Gally would be ready, but signed him to a long term contact, it might not be the case.

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