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Originally Posted by zeke View Post
Timonen at this point is a passable #2, but probably best used as a good #3.

Coburn is a passable #3 but probably best used as a #4.

Grossman, schenn, meszaros can all play as #4s but are probably best used outside of the top 4.
Coburn was a strong #2 last year. He has regressed to a decent #3 this year.
Timonen was a strong #2 last year. He has regressed to a decent #2, strong #3.

Schenn has played as a strong #2 all year.

Grossmann has played as a decent #3, strong #4 all year.

Meszaros has shown he can play at the level of a decent #2, strong #3 in Philadelphia, but since that season has been made of glass and hardly ever in the lineup.

The only real issue is that 1) Timonen has regressed, 2) none of Coburn, Grossmann, or Schenn can really handle puck-moving duties so pairing any two of them together is a bad idea, 3) Meszaros is as tough as paper, 4) the organization has been mishandling the development of Gustafsson, Manning, and Bourdon, and 5) there are no real potential #1 defensemen in the pipeline at the moment even if Gostisbehere looks awesome right now.

Honestly 60% of the issue is Bryzgalov (45% of that being Bryzgalov actually sucking and 15% of that being the fact that the Flyers have no capable fallback goaltender when Bryz is suckier than his general sucking). 20% of the issue is inability to move the puck. 10% of the issue is a regressive performance by Coburn, mostly because he was asked to play a role he hasn't been developed to play. 10% of the issue is injuries forcing an incompetent bottom pairing all season.

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