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Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
First of all Yandle has three more years after this not two.

Look, I like Barrie's promise, and he's moving the puck well, but how can people say a guy like Yandle is overrated when he is more multi dimensional, a vet leader, and a regular 40+ point guy who has a 59 point season on a defensive team, but a prospect with 1 goal and 6 assists in 27 games isn't overrated around here?

How can the same people that are up in arms about how Sherman built the blueline this season, hold on to what we could all agree will likely be the 3rd best D behind EJ, and Jones (if drafted) rather than bringing in a LHD for EJ.

What kind of impact D is this team gonna realistically bring in that's signed for more than three years, and why would a team be giving up a guy like that? And that's just assuming the paranoid situation of him returning to Boston actually happens, in which case they had three years of UFA's, three years of possible trades, and three years of UFA's to look to replace him.

I don't see keeping Barrie and Elliott for the 3rd pairing (which is not very important on a team with a good blueline) or forcing them to the left, and hoping they both start producing regularly, and do so on their off side, as better options than just packaging them for a proven LHD for the top pairing. If they draft Jones that is.

Which group are you more comfortable going forward with?

Yandle - EJ
X - Jones
X - X

or one of

X - EJ
X - Jones
X - Barrie/Elliott

Barrie/Elliott - EJ
X - Jones
X - X

Jones - EJ
X - Barrie/Elliott
X - X

The later three are really pining their hopes on potential. In the meantime if it wouldn't work out, people would be up in arms about how Sherman hadn't improved the D unit. Bringing in a guy with three years left, that you can try to re-sign is not shortsighted. He's proven and under contract longer than anyone on our D except for the young unproven guys.
I was wrong on the bolded.

But please explain to me what makes Yandle multi dimensional, he's about as multi dimensional as Willie Mitchell or Rob Scuderi. Very good puck mover, really good on the PP, defensive liability whose shortcomings are somewhat disguised by a strong defensive system and situational usage. He won't have the same luxury in Denver if he ends up here and we can't afford to pay an arm and a leg for a guy who needs to be put in perfect situation to be sucessful.

I think the best scenari that doesn't hurt the Avs and helps them both now and in the future is to trade Stastny for JBo. JBo is a guy who's really good defensively and he can move the puck, shift Barrie to the left side of the ice and draft Jones if we get a chance to do so.

Ice a defense that looks like this:


Three youngsters and three guys who are all more than solid defensively and can cover for the mistakes they make as they're making a jump to becoming full time NHLers.

Also the claim that the 3rd pairing isn't all that important is a bit odd knowing how important was the Greene - Martinez pairing for the Kings in the last playoffs, or the Volchenkov - Harrold for the Devils. A strong 3rd pairing allows your top 4 to rest during games instead of burning up trying to cover for the 3rd pairing and in a gruelling playoff series defensive depth is of outmost importance.

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