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Originally Posted by ABasin View Post
This is a good line of thought and discussion point. That said, here's what concerns me about your post:

You are suggesting that Matt Hunwick (a fairly lousy player and borderline NHL defenseman) - by himself - elevated his game to a level above what is expected of him, and only THEN did Erik Johnson (the franchise cornerstone of the defense) elevate his game to the level that is expected of him.

Hunwick did it solo, but EJ needed Hunwick?

Foppa, if that's true, then this situation is dire indeed. Why wouldn't the franchise cornerstone 1st pairing defenseman raise his play through his own actions/ability/determination; and the scrub then follow along?

That's why I'm hoping you're incorrect, and EJ played like that on his own.
As has been pointed out before, every player gets motivated in different ways, just like every player is coachable in different ways.

Hunwick's been a frequent scratch, and I'm not surprised he raised his game. EJ's been coming slowly off a concussion and has looked off for the most part, and has been stuck in a rut. He needed a spark.

I'm not surprised at all that it took Hunwick playing at his best to spark him. EJ has put too much pressure on himself, and over thought plays with the puck when forced to do it all on his own, ever since he got here.

The team needs to work with him, and try to bring out the best in him. Not every player is low maintenance like O'Reilly to get them to play up to their potential. Duchene is the same way, he needs to be put in a certain role, and with the right linemates or he forces things and underperforms.

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