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Originally Posted by Water Knight View Post
Alright. For voting. We have 13 teams. However, not every team has a complete roster. Due to this the Oilers, Sabres, and Flames are now disqualified. We now have 10 teams left. I'd like each you to submit to me (in order) of who you think the best team is. The team with the most (points) wins.

Example of how your ballot should look:

1. Ducks 10 points
2. Bruins 9 points
3. Jets 8 points
4. Red Wings 7 points
5. Leafs 6 points
6. Capitals 5 points
7. Canucks 4 points
8. Blue Jackets 3 points
9. Islanders 2 points
10. Habs 1 point

Upon tabulation of the points, If a tie exists we will have a tie breaking vote.

Please send in your votes within the next 24 hours .
I dont appreciate being last :C
Also theres 11 you missed CBK (Colorado)

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