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Originally Posted by NightBlazer View Post
I've never seen a more formulaic movie, appealing to a more obvious demographic in my life.

You gotta hand it to Tarantino though; this movie was guaranteed to succeed. Making enormous profits off racial tension, with minimal risk involved. The black demographic alone was guaranteed to make Tarantino a fortune.

Personally I thought the violence was too cheesy; it threw me off. I also didn't like how there were maybe two white people in the whole movie that weren't racist pieces of ****. Maybe balance it out a little bit?
Balance it out a bit? Throughout the course of (*our relatively short*) history on this continent white folk have been pretty damn horrid towards minorities, the balance of the "badness" scales are tipped heavily in white people's favour when it comes to their race relation capabilities. Of course there are good and bad white people but I'd venture to say there's been more bad than good done to this point. I don't get how a white person could be in the least bit offended by this movie.

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