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03-29-2013, 04:45 PM
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He said that UE4 will be targeted at next-gen consoles (not including the Wii U). That doesn't necessarily rule out the Wii U getting some UE4 games. In fact, you left out a quote of Rein's just above it in the article:
Epic has been unclear about the Wii U's support for UE4 in the past, with Epic co-founder Mark Rein telling Videogamer that Epic doesn't intend to bring the engine to Wii U, but that "if a customer decides they want to port an Unreal Engine 4 game to Wii U, they could."
So, Epic isn't going to do the Wii U any favors, but game developers can do whatever you want. UE4 is supposed to highly scalable. You mention that it's expected to come to Vita and iOS. If it can run on mobile devices like that, it can run on Wii U. I think that Rein was mostly taking the opportunity to make a joke about Wii U in a room full of XBox and PlayStation fans. He probably also feels some need to hype up UE4 as a next-gen engine that's so cool that only next-gen consoles will run it, even if that's not really the case.

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