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Originally Posted by deanwormer View Post

We're playing Weber, Klein, and 4 kids with less than 2 years experience each when Gill is out - and I believe none actually has a whole consecutive season under their belts. We grow pretty good Dmen and still have a couple in Milw that will be looking for a spot.

If there is a D need it's the problem that Blum seems "more ready" right now than Ellis, and unless Blum is gonna' play with Klein next year - or he's gonna' put on 20lbs of muscle - I just don't see how we can put them both on the ice. So, that would seem an offseason deal Poile has to be looking to make.

As for "telling Weber" anything - you tell him to get his head in the game consistently and mentor these kids so we get another Klein or Josi outta' the bunch.
Well Weber knows and watching what Suter's Wild does and Weber knows that Poile has no real interest in winning a cup he could demand a trade. If Poile is really interested in winning a cup he could go get a Bouwmeester a very good defenseman for less than what Suter is getting paid and then he and Weber will form a pair. Then move Josi back to Klein and Gill and who ever is left over with him. Because Ellis or Blum will go in the deal. To top that off get Hudler in the deal it would take a good package. Blum and top prospect in the minors and probably a first. This all depends al lot on if Calgary wants to deal in the same conference. We have two more years with Erat and Fisher. Legwand will be in the final year of his deal next year. SK needs to go but they won't Trotz like his defense play. Trotz doesn't care about offence. Smith right now is an enigma he could be better or he could stall out here. I think that is what is happening with him because of not able to adapt to the Trotz system.

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