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Originally Posted by LSCII View Post
Wow. Condescending, snarky, overly defensive. I really must have struck a nerve. For the record, I approve this message.

I have zero interest in processing spreadsheets. That's your bag, and I'm happy to leave you to it. All I'm doing is disagreeing with what you say. It's also very ironic that you accuse me of picking and choosing data sets that fit my argument, when most of your analysis consists of including multipliers and advanced stats that are designed to do nothing more than fit your argument. In other words, pot meet kettle.

Like I've always said, I appreciate the amount of effort you put in, but in this case, I simply disagree that a goal is a goal is a goal. It's not. Context matters. Some guys recognize and embrace the moment, some don't and fail. Where Rask ends up in that is yet to be determined.
First, thanks that you appreciate the work I put in. I think there are some that just totally dismiss it.

Yes I was condescending, and snarky. I was because you are the one that laughs at every post of mine like I'm an idiot, and who said you will keep it simple for me. You misconstrue and twist my argument almost every time instead of responding to what I am actually saying. Obviously it is hard to make everything clear so I don't know if that is intentional, but I think it often is. I wasn't overly defensive, I was just defending my argument, and clearing things up for you. If you want to keep it simple, then just say you disagree (to which I would like to know why), or leave it alone.

Don't misunderstand what I am saying every time. Don't (wrongly) take out small pieces of my data - it usually doesn't prove your point anyway. If you have conflicting data or more data that will prove your point then use it. I knew you wouldn't actually take a look at anything, and that is fine. If people aren't going to back anything up, then this place just becomes a place with posts saying I agree, or I disagree. I think discussion on a message board is more useful, but what do I know?

Also, can you point out what mulitpliers and advanced stats I'm using just to fit my argument, especially in this instance? I use a lot of data, ones that my and other studies have shown are the most important in contributing to winning. I don't just pick and choose data, or small sample sizes, or anomalies to fit my argument. I also look at team component in my analysis of anything. My analysis tells me Rask is good in "the clutch", and the team is letting him down big time right now.

If each goal isn't equal then you also need to look at what happened on each goal. It is also nice to compare him to his peers and not some fantasy of what you think he should be.

Lastly and this is to everyone - If Ryder didn't make a glove save, Gionta doesn't shoot back into Thomas, or the Bruins offense doesn't come up big, or a number of other things - Thomas' run never happens, Julien is fired, the team looks a lot different (and i doubt better), and we don't have a cup. Thomas is labeled a major choker. Think about that for a bit....

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