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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
The thing about the sliding out of playoff contention or the 10-game winning streak is that neither would be anything I could believe in. Armstrong sounded as depressed in that interview as I've heard him. Basically he has no idea what to do and he's kind of admitting it.

For myself, I came into this season simply pumped to continue to watch Alex Pietrangelo play hockey. I have not had that feeling a single time this year. There is no "the" reason for what's going on, but I do know that if Pietrangelo really were the next Lidstrom (he isn't) this season would have gone much differently so far. I guess that's my biggest disappointment. I thought all these years of heartache would be ameliorated by finally having that incredible difference-maker who'd be the franchise player. He'll obviously get better, but until that happens this franchise on a budget has no chance of competing seriously for a Cup.
I've been busy as hell lately so maybe you have stated this elsewhere and I haven't seen it. Are you leaning towards Pietragelo's lack of consistency having a trickle down effect on the roster this year like I am? I don't mean to say all the team's woes lie directly on his shoulders alone, other players are clearly screwing up as well. Maybe if I rephrase it a bit differently and say Pietrangelo's play is was what made this team tick last year that would be a more appropriate way for me to express it versus making a statement that would slam him. He's still young and I can live with a little growing pains in his play still. An upper echelon #1 d-man just seems to bring a calmness and ability to sweep some ugly play under the rug and keep the team going forward.

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