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03-29-2013, 05:48 PM
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If we want to keep costs down and have a good team on the ice, then we need to develop prospects to the best of our ability and them move high salary guys to make way. I don't know how much of a loss that Peoria runs at, but I do know that if they are sold that is only $5m-ish that we bring in. If Peoria is haemorrhaging money, and we viewed that there were no viable relocation candidates then it is understandable.

You want to make a point to the city? Accomplish something, then make it very clear that we are looking to move the team to Kansas City/Seattle/Quebec/wherever and force their hands.

Our revenue streams are heavily limited, from factors such as parking to the ridiculous concessions contract. It doesn't change much though, if we can't afford to pay to keep the talent we have, then the team shouldn't be in the city.

Originally Posted by Yoko Ono View Post
They haven't used Peroia to develope players so why do they even need an AHL affiliate?
Our NHL team was that damn pathetic that anyone half decent bypassed Peoria. Now we have a very solid team in the NHL (or should have), it means we'll finally have an influx of real talent going into the AHL.

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