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Originally Posted by HawkeyeCB View Post
Why would you just take the shootouts from this year to do that? Desharnais is 8 for 18 career, or 44.4%, which is pretty good (as far as I know).

Why do you see a problem with four centres, when two of them have played wing well and the other (Desharnais) looked good in his only period there. Let's say we trade Desharnais, and we get pooched with injuries at C (two injuries).. We'd be going to war with Dumont as our #2 center, Halpern #3, and White #4. Even one injury, would hurt, because we'd be using Halpern as a #3 center.. especially if it's long-term.

It's incredible having the center depth, that if we do get an injury at center, we have a player capable of sliding over to the middle of the ice while still keeping our depth. Our center depth, outside of the NHL, is pretty terrible.

Sure, if you wanted to build a powerhouse, you'd want Plekanec a little lower in the depth chart because of his fantastic two-way play and you can rely on others to be a #1 guy. In Vancouver, say, he'd be the #2 center in terms of offensive dependency... but he'd still, IMO, be the best center on that team.

A Devils fan offered Tallinder + Urbom for Desharnais + late pick.

A Sharks fan says Desharnais would replace the 1st Round pick in the rumored "1st + good prospect" for Clowe (and he added Petricki, which most people would love here because of his size even though he's mediocre at best).

I guess you could say Desharnais is good at shootouts. This means he has one other aspect that he brings. That's not nearly enough for me to warrant his contract though.

In terms of injuries, if we lose Plekenec, we are done. We are not winning a playoff series this year. He is that important to this team. No one currently on our roster can replace what he does. In the future, Eller and Galchenyuk will be able to though

In terms of the offer, don't know too much about Patrecki, Uborn. They seem like borderline NHLers to me. In terms of Tallinder, what's with him being off the roster? Not sure what's going on there.

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