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08-12-2006, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by znk View Post
Well Eklund talks on many radio stations on a regulare basis so there has to be a bit of credibitlity there. I love Spector and I visit his site on a regular basis he's mainly a guy that gathers up all the known info in one central spot. And he has good comments and insight on the info he has. Eklund and spector are quite different in that regard. Spector reports and gives his tilt on the situation while Eklund mostly takes what his source says and posts it without really filtering or giving his own opinion on the subject he expects you to make your own judgement.
Your definition of Spector's work is good. I like his comments, who's often good common sense that is not that easy to find when you're talking about hockey rumors.

I also like the fact that he's filtering, as I've got a quick round-up of the situation without having to read much garbage that I don't have the time for.

If some people do like "entertainment hockey related stuff" like Eklund or 110%, that's there problem. What's annoying is having so many reports on what these people say with :
1- The gullible posters that report every crap possible and take every word as fact.
2- The people that can't leave these topics die if they have nothing to add and flame Eklund, the 110% guy or whoever.

Just my 2 cents, or, better conclusion, just like Ryder.

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