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03-29-2013, 08:50 PM
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Two questions on the Blues future

1. What will the Blues do going forward.

2. If you are the GM of the Blues what direction do you go?

1. I think we've seen a large enough sample from Army & Co to kind of know what we're going to get. Especially given the ownership doesn't have the money to spend like the Pittsburgh's of the world.

At this point I do look for the Blues to shake up the core somewhat. I could see Perron going. I could even see Oshie going. Personally I'd rather keep Oshie. Maybe Berglund will go?

Someone I think is on the way out for a solid big D. They'll try to grind out the rest of the season and continue to build through the Draft.

2) If I'm the GM of the Blues today I take stock of my team. I see much the same in most of the forwards.

Above average Forwards but no stars. Two Def that look to anchor the Blues for quite a while to come and maybe a surprise in Russel. Tell Russel every game that Pie & Shatty aren't playing. In Goal I'm not sure what we have long term. Who knows, maybe Allen will have a bright future. I don't see Halak ever being an elite goalie. Even last year I thought the Blues goalies were made to look better than they were due to the play of the entire team defensively.

So what to do going forward? As the GM I know funds are limited. I also know the Blues aren't going to finish in the bottom 3 in the league to get a top 3 draft pick.

As GM it's my decision that Tarasenko will be, at this point, my team's best goal scorer. I know Stewart & Berglund are having good years. But my eye is on the 21 year old.

So my decison is to build around the kid. Here's what I attempt to do. I do almost everything I can to get a top pick in this year's draft. I don't give up the farm but that's my goal. More pressing than that deal I put together some kind of package and get Bouwmeester to solidify the D.

I know his price is hefty but it's time to pony up. Bouwmeester is key #1.

Key #2, in the upcoming draft I get to the top in picks and choose Valery Nichushkin. It's my feeling that the team's best choice going forward is building around Tarasenko. I do this by bringing in a top Russian prospect to gel with Vladi.

What's your moves?

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