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03-29-2013, 09:11 PM
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This league was cancelled. I made a few trades people didn't like so they all threatened to quit. I mean, wtf is that? Isn't that what fantasy hockey is all about? You try and build the best team you possibly can? I just can't take cry babies and whiners. I'm going to start a new league so stay tuned for that. It'll be a 24 team league where you as the GM just takes over the team you select and what they curently have on their roster/in their system. We'll have a waiver draft with the 6 leftover teams and we will have it so we can only protect 30-40 assets. I think it'll be easier, funner, and better that way. The fantasy draft was so slow and gave people an opportunity to cry their eyes out. It was truly ridiculous. Although that's a new record.. I won a fantasy league 5 ounds in to the fantasy draft!! Beat that ****ers!!

Anyway, probably after the NHL trade deadline I'll start up a new league. I'll be recruiting ACTIVE and ELITE GMs only. If you're not active, please do us a favour and don't waste our time. Also, you MUST use MSN or yahoo or communicate IM for all league talks. ALso, rule #1 will be "ABSOLUTELY NO CRYING". If you don't like a trade that was made, tough. GO make your own trades. Be a ****ing man and make your team good. Don't sit there and whine about other peoples deals.. if you don't trade, or are afraid to trade, you probably shouldn't be a fantasy hockey GM. In a league where we're taking over a team and their current roster, trading will be crucial. No time to sit on your hands. Now, I will most likely have something in place to help GMs from making "horrible" trades.. but almost NO trades will EVER be vetoed. It's not my style.. and it's not the league's I'm in style to tell a GM how to run THEIR team. If guys make bad trades.. you go out and make a good trade. It al evens out in the end in my experience.. and I've been in fantasy hockey longer then most of you have been alive, I'm sure.

Anyway, stay tuned.. my league will rule. As long as you're not a *****.. hit me up for a spot in the league!

Rap (the guy who won a fantasy league before it started)

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