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03-29-2013, 09:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
I think Mad Hunwick has graduated from being finger pointed at to being gently patted on the head. He's been pretty good in a role that is way too big for him.
I like how 'not making several major mistakes each night' is now considered "pretty good". Don't forget, playing over 21 minutes per game on the backend (tops on our team) and bringing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING offensively and being barely adequate defensively is helping us tank pretty well in itself.

Originally Posted by Pierce Hawthorne View Post
Question/scenario for you guys, wondering what you would do here.

We end up with the 2nd overall, FLA with 1st overall. The Panthers draft Jones, and, then a team comes to the Avs with this proposal:

5th Overall + 7th Overall for the 2nd Overall, 32nd overall and Stefan Elliott.

Would you guys pull the trigger on this trade?
I think it depends who I think I can get at #32 and who is likely available at #5 and #7. I think that Elliott and his potential is too steep to make that kind of deal unless because of what you're giving up at #2 versus what's available at #5 and #7. If you substitute Elliott for a 2014 3rd rounder, it's more palatable, in my opinion anyways.

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