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03-29-2013, 10:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Who the **** cares? These are the small, mundane things I see on this board like it makes some sort of difference between why this team won and why they lost. Its ridiculous.

Both those guys should be in the AHL.
The problem is that everyone in the locker room notices it.

A guy like Kreider will look at that and figure, hey, no matter what I do, I'm not going to get ice time until hell freezes over, so why bother?

A guy like Miller, on the other hand, may not improve because he isn't being corrected on his mistakes by continuing to get ice.

The rest of the team looks at the favorable treatment of guys like Richards and Boyle compared to their own situation and it's almost inevitable that dissention will set in. Why bother sticking up for golden boy Richards after he's hit from behind? Why bail out Boyle when he makes a bad decision on the ice? If you leave your position to bail them out and it goes wrong, you'll be the one benched instead of the golden boys. Those are the kind of thoughts that start creeping into the room. In a game where you have to make split-second decisions, that little hesitation is a killer.

Now yes, I agree, veterans in the league who have an established track record do deserve more leeway. However, when that leeway extends over half a season, you're stretching that leash too thin.

As for Gaborik, my gut instincts tell me the aftermath of the playoffs last season is what soured him. That guy was playing in one hell of a lot of pain with his shoulder, and he never complained or used it an excuse. Yet, what does Torts do, but call him out for his below-average play?! Even after the team found out about the extent of the injury, Torts didn't even give they guy any public kudos for playing through that.

Not that players need to be coddled, but it would've gone a long ways with Gabby if Torts would've given him a public pat on the back (in a manner of speaking) for being such a warrior and playing with an injury a lot of guys wouldn't have.

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